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Michael was born in August 1970 in Lagoudi which is in the beautiful island of Kos, Greece. He is one of 12 brothers and sisters. He worked from a young age, mostly with stonemasonry and he also served in the Greek army which is compulsory in Greece. After the army, at about the age of 20 he started weight lifting, initially as a hobby and to get stronger.

In 1991, he met his wife Helen who was on holidays in Greece from Adelaide. Helen was visiting Kos, the birthplace of her parents and they were married a year later. Together, they moved back to Australia where they had two children (George and Mikaela) during the years they lived there. They then moved back to Kos and had another two children, Krisovalanti and Nektarios.

In 1998, after showing tremendous progress, Michael began entering local Greek bodybuilding competitions like the Mr. Aegean and Mr. Greece, which he won multiple times. A few years after he won the Wabba world championships, as a professional, in Athens. It was there where bodybuilding organizers discovered Michael and began inviting him to competitions all over Europe. In 2009, after placing 3rd in the heavyweight division of the Arnold Classic Amateur competition, as an Australian citizen, Michael received his pro card from the Australian IFBB. He qualified for the 2009 Mr. Olympia in his very first professional competition.

Since then, Michael has competed in more than 25 different IFBB pro shows placing in the Top-5 in most of them. He is ranked among the top professional bodybuilders in the world and it is widely accepted that he has raised the standards of competitive bodybuilding with his signature conditioning and placing consistency. Early 2012 brought another highlight for his career, winning his first pro show, the Mr. Europe Pro in Madrid Spain. He considers this, along with being the first Greek to compete at the Mr. Olympia, a tremendous milestone in his life.

Mike continues to compete throughout the year, in numerous countries around the world, showing his love for worldwide fans and competitive bodybuilding, always giving his best and raising the bar for sharpness, definition and conditioning.

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